Can Meta Quest 2 Connect to a PC Wirelessly? (Solved!)




Can Meta Quest 2 Connect to a PC Wirelessly


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The Meta Quest 2 is a standalone virtual reality headset that does not require a PC or phone to work. However, you may wonder, “Can Meta Quest 2 Connect to a PC Wirelessly?”

Meta Quest 2 can connect to a PC wirelessly through the Oculus Air Link feature. You can also use the virtual desktop feature to wirelessly connect your Quest to a computer. However, both of these methods require a stable and robust internet connection.

In this article, I will explore the various methods Meta Quest 2 can connect to a PC wirelessly and benefit from doing the same.

Can Meta Quest 2 Connect to a PC Wirelessly
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Can Meta Quest 2 Connect to a PC Wirelessly?

There are mainly two ways to connect your Meta Quest 2 wirelessly to a PC;

  • Oculus AirLink
  • Virtual Desktop

The Oculus Air Link Feature

To use the Oculus Air Link, you need to have:

  • A VR Ready PC
  • The official Oculus app
  • Wi-Fi router

Follow the steps below to set up the Oculus Air Link:

Enable Air Link on your PC

Every time you use it, you need to turn it on on the Oculus PC app. To do this, go to Settings and then to the Beta tab. At the bottom of the page, you should find a switch for App Lab.

The app will utilize wireless Air Link instead of the traditional Link connection when you enable this. This setting will automatically turn off after 24 hours, so if you haven’t played in 24 hours or longer, you’ll need to activate it again.

Enable Air Link on Quest 2

You’ll also need to activate Air Link on Quest since the functionality is currently in beta and not yet available in full. To do so, go click your Quest’s Settings menu and then to Experimental Features. You should be able to toggle Air Link from this tab.

If that option isn’t available, try restarting your headset. If it is still missing, Facebook may not have enabled Air Link on your device yet, even if you have v28. You’ll need to wait a time ( I can’t estimate how long) before checking again.

When you switch it on, a dialog box may appear warning you about the equipment and configuration you’ll need for the best Air Link experience. You should be good to fulfill all of the criteria given here if you’ve read and followed all we’ve said previously. Then select Continue.

Start Air Link

You can start Air Link by launching any game that supports it. Once the game is running, a message will appear in the top-right corner of your screen, letting you know that AirLink is available.

You can click on that message, and it will take you to the AirLink settings page, where you can select which PC you want to connect to.

You can also get there by going into the Quest’s Settings menu and selecting Devices > Air Link.

Select Continue on the next screen and then choose which PC you want to connect to from the list that appears. If your PC isn’t appearing in the list, make sure it is turned on and within 30 feet of your Quest.

You should now be connected to your PC and be able to play any game that supports Air Link!

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The Virtual Desktop Feature

Virtual Desktop does not remove you from the Quest interface compared to Air Link. The Quest universal menu may still be accessed by pressing the Oculus button on the right Touch controller.

Despite this, it enables significantly more customization than Air Link presently provides. You can alter various parameters to get the best performance for your system.

It even has some additional features, such as allowing you to pick which virtual environment the program will start in.

If you truly want a customized experience, or if Air Link isn’t working for you, get Virtual Desktop. You need to download the Virtual desktop streamer App to use the Virtual desktop feature. It is necessary to stream PC content to your headset via Wi-Fi.

After this, follow this step to connect Meta Quest 2 to a PC wirelessly:

Open Virtual Desktop on Quest 2 Headset

From the Virtual Desktop software on your Quest 2, your PC should appear in the list of possible devices to connect to.

The Options button (the left Touch controller’s equivalent of the Oculus button) is assigned to access the top-level menu for Virtual Desktop after you’ve connected.

Clicking “Games” from there will show you all of the installed games on your computer. You can just boot each one from there, and your PC will take care of the heavy work of launching the required applications.

If you’re not satisfied with the visual quality of any game, you may change some of the settings that impact latency, refresh rate, and other factors. You’ll likely receive a crisper, more fluid image if your PC is powerful.

Your wireless router, too, plays an important part in ensuring a pleasant experience.

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Benefits of Connecting Meta Quest 2 to a PC Wirelessly

It is Convenient

When connecting Meta Quest 2 to a PC wirelessly, you can take full advantage of its capabilities as a standalone headset. You are no longer tethered to a gaming PC, so you can move around more freely.

It Gives You Variety

You can play any game that supports Air Link or Virtual Desktop streaming. This means that you have access to many games, including popular titles such as Half-Life: Alyx and Beat Saber.

You can also use various other applications, including SteamVR, Bigscreen, and Enscape. These apps allow you to play non-VR games in VR, watch movies, and explore virtual worlds.

The downside of Connecting Meta Quest 2 to a PC Wirelessly

The only downside is that you will need to purchase a wireless adapter if you do not already have one. The official Oculus Link cable is not compatible with the Quest.

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Final Thoughts

It is possible to connect your Meta Quest 2 to your PC wirelessly. You can do this using either the Air Link or Virtual Desktop features.

I hope this article helps you learn how to connect Meta Quest 2 to a PC wirelessly and also gives you the benefits of doing the same as you prepare to experience the best VR experience.

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