Why Is My Meta Quest 2 Stuck On The Loading Screen?




Why Is My Meta Quest 2 Stuck On The Loading Screen


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If you’re experiencing problems with your Meta Quest 2, you’re not alone. Many users are reporting that their device is stuck on the loading screen. So here is the big question: “Why Is My Meta Quest 2 Stuck on The Loading Screen?”

The Meta Quest 2 may be stuck on the loading screen because of account synchronization issues or when you’re not using the recommended cable. Sometimes the issue is having an incompatible version of the Meta Quest 2 software between your PC and the Meta Quest 2.

In this article, I will explore some of the possible causes of this issue and suggest possible solutions to the problem.

Why Is My Meta Quest 2 Stuck On The Loading Screen
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Why Is My Meta Quest 2 Stuck on the Loading Screen?

It might be anything from not utilizing the correct cable to having mismatched software versions between your PC and the Meta Quest that causes your Meta Quest 2 to get stuck on the loading screen.

Before getting into anything, make sure you’ve checked off everything on the following list.

  • Ensure you use the recommended Anker USB cable and the official Oculus link cable.
  • After you connect the cable properly on both ends, the PC and the Oculus will be able to recognize each other instantly.
  • Check for complete software updates.
  • Check if the Oculus software in your Quest and the Pc are compatible.
  • The synchronization issue may be because the Oculus account password has been changed, or you have switched to another Wi-Fi.

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Steps to Take When the Meta Quest 2 is Stuck on the Loading Screen

There are several things you can do to try and fix the problem.

1. Use the Oculus Bootloader Menu

It works similarly to Ctrl+Alt+Delete in the Oculus world, allowing you to manually start or stop your headset.

To get to the bootloader menu:

  • Press and hold power and volume down keys for at least 10 seconds.
  • Use the volume buttons to browse to “Power Off” to turn your headset off or “Boot Device” to start it when the menu opens.
  • Once you’ve highlighted your choice, hit the power button to choose.

2. Charge the Meta Quest 2

The problem may be remedied by connecting your headset and charging it for half an hour to 45 minutes.

You can switch the headset off while charging if you’re just running low on battery. However, if your Meta Quest 2 is stuck on the loading screen, it’s probably best to keep it on while it charges.

Your device may be trying to install an update or conduct other maintenance tasks that lack sufficient power. While you may not always be able to identify the specific issue, the Meta Quest 2 is an amazingly brilliant small gadget.

It’s probably searching for a solution on its own, so make sure it has all the resources it needs. To prevent accidentally slowing down the procedure, make sure you use the original charger with your device.

Come back after you’ve given it some time to do its thing to see whether it’s come up with a solution on its own.

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3. Try the Oculus App

Open the Oculus app on your phone or computer. Look for any games that seem to be actively downloading or upgrading while you’re in the app.

If that’s the case, try terminating the process or processes remotely to see if they’re the source of the problem.

Try running one of the games from the app if everything seems to be in order. Check your headset to check whether the game has appeared and saved you from the endless loading screen.

4. Check Issues with the Meta Quest 2 Proximity Sensor

An overactive proximity sensor might be the cause of your Quest 2 being in sleep mode even while you’re wearing it. Remove your headphones and cover the proximity sensor with your thumb to find out.

If the black screen disappears after doing so, the problem is most likely light getting in via a crack in the foam on the edges of your headset. This fools the proximity sensor into thinking you’ve removed it when you haven’t.

If this is the case, there are numerous options for resolving the issue. The first option is to fix the foam face cushioning or just cover the sensor with a sticker or opaque tape.

By utilizing SideQuest, you may also deactivate the Meta Quest 2’s proximity sensor manually. When linked to your phone or PC through a USB cord, SideQuest software enables you to manage some of your headset’s sophisticated functions.

The SideQuest website will show you how to download and install the program and how to activate developer mode on your headset to utilize it.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, go to your SideQuest account’s homepage and select the “Disable the Proximity Sensor” option.

5. Ensure the Meta Quest 2 Software is Up-to-date

When your headset is stuck on the loading screen, check to verify if your Oculus software is up to date. If not, you need to update the Oculus software on your headset. This may help you to fix the problem.

6. Factory Reset your Meta Quest 2

To do a factory reset:

  • Hold down the volume down and power buttons for at least 10 seconds. This will bring up the bootloader menu.
  • Scroll with the volume buttons until “Factory Reset” is highlighted.
  • Press the power button to choose your option and wait for the reset to complete.

While a factory reset on your Meta Quest 2 is possible, I strongly recommend that you contact Oculus for assistance first.

A factory reset is simple to execute if you still want to start over and return your Quest 2 to its original factory condition.

Just keep in mind that you’ll have to redownload everything on your device, and any data you’ve saved will be lost.

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Final Thoughts

The Meta Quest 2 can be stuck on the loading screen because of a problem with the account synchronization of out-of-date software, among other issues.

I hope this article helps you understand why your Meta Quest 2 is stuck on the loading screen and also learn ways to solve this problem.

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