Is Virtual Reality Worth It In 2022? (Solved!)




Is Virtual Reality Worth It In 2022


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Yes, Virtual Reality (VR) is worth trying. It has finally gone to the point of being used for its effectiveness. The usage of VR has increased worldwide with the rise of VR in applications and gaming.

Virtual reality’s purpose is to transfer the user to another world. In the last four years, the price has dropped, and the variety of games has increased.

This article will give examples and explain the advantages and disadvantages of virtual reality. I will also answer some frequently asked questions on the topic.

Is Virtual Reality Worth It In 2022

What is VR?

VR is not a real-world but a computer-generated environment featuring realistic-looking visuals and objects that allow the viewer to feel entirely absorbed in their surroundings in a virtual world. A VR headset or helmet is used to observe this reality.

Virtual reality may be used to immerse oneself in video games as if you were one of the characters. You can use it to learn how to do heart surgery, and to improve the quality of physical training to improve performance. All from your own living room.

Despite the fact that it looks to be futuristic, its origins are not as modern as you may think.

Sensorama, a device with a built-in seat that played 3D movies, released scents, and caused vibrations to make the experience as authentic as possible, was widely regarded as one of the first Virtual Reality devices.

The concept was introduced for the first time in the mid-1950s. Further technological and software developments throughout time resulted in a progressive shift in interface and device design.

Is VR Worth It?

Yes, it is unquestionably beneficial, and I would recommend that every household invests in at least one headset to get the VR experience with their family members.

This is because virtual reality games and apps are the way of the future and will most likely be utilized in a popular communication device equivalent to a smartphone.

You can currently meet people virtually, play multiplayer interactive games, surf the internet, go to virtual places to watch your favorite sports and events as if you were there, hold virtual meetings, and much more on the Oculus quest platform.

It gives you unlimited access to places you normally would not go to.

To be honest, I believe VR will take a significant step forward in the near future with Mark Zuckerberg and tech companies like Meta (old Facebook company) focusing a lot on developing the Metaverse.

There is a lot of new technology with significant upgrades that evolves fast, and the VR market might be the next big thing.

I wouldn’t be shocked if VR headsets became so powerful and immersive that it’s difficult to tell the actual world from the virtual one after just a few minutes of use. The moment has come to jump in and get your feet wet. 

Because technology evolves rapidly, it’s critical to understand how it functions and interacts. Virtual websites, films, meetings, and stores will all exist in the future, so gearing up for this technology is a good move.

What Are the Pros of VR?

  • Virtual reality, when done correctly, can be a wonderful sensory experience with 360-degree video. When it comes to creating new and fascinating worlds, product presentations, or locations using imagery that is computer-generated (CGI), the only restrictions are money and inventiveness.
  • When used in education, it makes learning easier and more fun.
  • Users of VR may play around with multiple scenarios.
  • VR can enhance some degrees of freedom with motion tracking that gives an immersive experience.

Cons Of Virtual Reality

  • The VR market is fragmented. Headsets vary in price from around $15 to over $1,500 (HTC Vive Pro), with a variety of alternatives in between. Material created for one platform may not work on another due to the fact that VR standards are in their early phases of development.
  • Virtual reality might be a lonely, one-on-one encounter that transfers you to another world, one that is apart from your existing circumstances. This is the total opposite of the effect of events whose major goal is to bring people together and participate in group activities.

Pros of the VR Headsets

1. Better Visuals than Reality

The images in VR are much superior to those in reality and provide a new user experience. In video games, VR technology is utilized to give the player the feeling of being in a different world. Vibrations and other experiences are added to video games using a virtual reality gaming controller.

Virtual reality has been combined with the usage of images and music in the video. It also offers a cutting-edge gaming experience to the user. Real-life gaming experiences, such as confronting zombies or competitive shooting, are also available to users.

2. A Variety of Uses

Virtual reality has been used in a multitude of fields, including education, the military, social interaction, and health care including mental health, due to its various capabilities.

It increases the number of possibilities available in a variety of disciplines. VR is also used to check the outcomes in aviation and architecture, and you can use it to ride roller coasters if you like.

3. Experience of the Next Generation

Virtual reality allows consumers to have amazing experiences in a virtual environment. Virtual reality technology provides viewers with the sensation of being in locations that are real, hearing real sounds, and seeing real sights. Many individuals would like to use VR on a more regular basis.

Disabled persons highly regard it since it allows them to travel across the globe. Furthermore, virtual reality films are created to enable spectators to view the whole surroundings in each setting.

As a result, it delivers an interactive watching experience for viewers.

4. Connecting With People

VR enables you to interact with individuals you would never otherwise have the opportunity to meet in person.

It facilitates the establishment of new connections in a more efficient way than would be possible in the actual world. Users get an understanding of various sorts of individuals and are able to interact with them.

5. Detailed View

Is Virtual Reality Worth It In 2022

Virtual reality offers a thorough and all-encompassing perspective of a location. It, for example, enhances the accessibility and appeal of destinations for tourists.

It provides you with a thorough perspective of a place you would like to visit.

As a consequence, viewers will be able to prepare for their vacation by seeing real-life locations. Users may also see prominent landmarks and important locations that they desire to visit.

6. Improved Communication

This is one of the most significant benefits of VR is its ability to facilitate effective communication.

Viewers are able to speak among themselves and so enjoy each other’s company while using the service. It enables individuals to communicate with one another in a new way.

Cons of VR Headsets

1. High Pricing

One of the most significant drawbacks of a virtual reality headset is that it is out of reach for many people. It is quite expensive, and those who cannot pay for it will be denied access.

Virtual reality headsets are rather costly, particularly for those on a tight budget. A nice VR headset will set you back roughly $500-700, which is a reasonable price.

Furthermore, most VR headsets have disappointed customers in terms of performance when compared to their pricing.

2. Low-Quality Display

Another point to consider when purchasing a VR headset is the display quality. Different VR headsets have different resolutions and visuals depending on the pricing range.

Some VR headsets on the market do not offer users a good display. This is why a large number of headsets are deemed unworthy. As a result, the display of a VR headset is critical in determining its value.

3. Worthlessness and Addiction

A common sensation of worthlessness might be experienced by those who use virtual reality headsets. They can have the impression that they are running from reality, which may be very detrimental to their mental and physical health.

4. Lack of Comfort

When it comes to virtual reality headsets, comfort is another crucial consideration. Some of the virtual reality headsets now available on the market are not totally comfortable.

As a result, they cannot be used for extended periods of time. VR headphones with low-quality lenses, such as some used in gaming, might induce eye strain or motion sickness.

In contrast to a high-quality headset that is expensive, low-quality headsets are not designed with the comfort of the user in mind.

Another significant shortcoming of most of the low-cost headsets is their inability to communicate with the outside world.


Why Are VR Headsets So Expensive?

Because virtual reality is still a new tech that relies on cutting-edge materials, headsets are costly. Many of the more costly headsets aren’t built for augmented reality or aren’t bib-standalone. 

With slightly tweaked visuals and improved usability, Oculus reduced its handsets to only $299. This is a game-changer since Facebook’s Oculus now has the ability to target the general public and expand its digital empire from there.

Is VR The Future of Gaming?

I feel that virtual reality will be the future of gaming but that it will be more of a separate thing.

Regular gaming is still quite popular, and it has a long history of being innovative in its own right. It seems improbable that a full takeover will take place.

Final Thoughts

To emphasize, I feel that going to virtual reality is worthwhile and unavoidable. Many IT businesses see the value of virtual reality and are refocusing their efforts to include it into their software packages.

My best suggestion is to stock up on at least one per household and be prepared for any new interesting games or significant advancements in VR technology. Virtual Reality is worth it in 2022.

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Espen is the Director of PursuitMeta and has written extensively about Virtual Reality and VR Headsets for years. He is a consumer product expert and has personally tested VR Headsets for the last decade.

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