Will Playstation VR2 Be Wireless? (Solved!)




Will Playstation VR2 Be Wireless


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Sony has unveiled the final design of the Playstation VR2, the new virtual reality helmet for the Playstation 5. This follows the confirmation of the product’s existence and name during Sony’s presentation at the CES show in January. But will Playstation VR2 be wireless?

The PlayStation VR2 will not be wireless when it launches on the PS5. Sony made this somewhat disappointing announcement when it officially unveiled the PS VR2. With only one cable connecting the headset to the console, the connection should be simpler.

Will Playstation VR2 Be Wireless
Photo by Sony

How Is The Design Of PS VR2?

According to Sony director Hideaki Nishino on the Playstation Blog, the design is inspired by the Playstation 5 design, and the design team behind the console itself also had the VR glasses in mind when they made it.

The new headset should be slightly smaller and lighter than the previous model (the current version weighs about 600 grams), and it will include a new switch to adjust the distance between the lenses, allowing them to better fit the distance between your eyes.

It also has a new motor for vibration feedback and a new valve for improved airflow while playing.

Most people who have used VR headsets before can probably vouch for the fact that it can be a pretty sweaty experience, so I sincerely hope Sony has improved the “cooling.”

Sony also shows the final design of the new “Sense” controllers, in addition to the headset itself.

How Is The Screen Resolution On PS VR2?

We already know that PS VR2 will have significantly higher resolution, going from 960 x 1080 per eye on the current PS VR to 2000 x 2040 on PS VR 2. It is roughly four times as many pixels as the popular Oculus Quest 2, which has 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye.

According to Sony’s specifications, the field of view should be increased from 100 to 110 degrees, and the glasses will include eye tracking that developers can use in games.

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Does PS VR2 Have Inside-Out Tracking?

Does PS VR2 Have Inside-Out Tracking
Photo by Sony

The PS VR2, like the Oculus Quest 2, will have so-called “inside-out tracking,” which means that the VR glasses will be able to track both you and the controllers without the use of external sensor boxes or cameras, as the original PS VR was.

The glasses have their own vibration motor, and the Sense controllers will have the same “haptic” trigger effect as regular Playstation 5 controllers. When firing an arrow, for example, it should be possible to feel the tension of the string in the cabin.

When Will Playstation VR2 Be Released?

We do not currently have a release date for PSVR2 but I will update this post as soon as the date is released. The only thing we know is that it’s planned to be released sometime in 2022.

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